The Suspendables with Jim Jerome & Russ Courtnall

Welcome to The Suspendables with funny man, Jungle Jim Jerome, and world renowned former NHL player, Russ Courtnall, as they unleash the laughs, the stories and the outrage, with their irreverent and sometimes unusual (yet compelling) perspectives on all things IN A MAN'S WORLD.

#86 Marty McSorley: “I Don’t Have to Be Mad to Beat You Up”

Our good friend Marty McSorley joins us with some fantastic hockey stories this week:

The former Edmonton Oiler, LA King, Boston Bruin, Pittsburgh Penguin, New York Ranger, and San Jose Shark talks about the time he fought his future teammate, Mark Messier and, after their majors, rushed out to wait for him outside the penalty box.
Marty says when he was in a bad mood, he would warn opposing wingers – like Russ – that they probably shouldn’t come flying up his side of the ice.
The Oilers were a dynasty but they were also on the same page, on and off the ice.
He discusses some of the wisdom he got from his former teammate and roommate Dave Semenko.
Marty has a good (and hilarious) reason why he never minded when his coaches asked him to out and fight, even back in junior hockey.
The fellas discuss how some players slide into long NHL careers because they were willing to adapt to different roles than they’re used to.
Russ has a funny story about his ill-fated decision to punch tough guy Behn Wilson in the face. Wilson was one of those tough guys that even the tough guys preferred not to face.
Marty talks candidly about the infamous suspension.
And when Russ gives Jimmy a hard time, Marty becomes a protector again and hits Russ with a hilarious chirp.

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